3903 Second Street, Acadiana Regional Airport

New Iberia, Louisiana 70560

(800)326-6130 • (337)367-9943

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Our  Four Divisions:

Sub Sea Division

In the Fabrication department we can fabricate just about anything that will fit through a 15ft wide by 40ft high door.  We can drive an 18 wheeler in one end of the shop and out the other.  We are equipped with two 15 ton overhead cranes, and have a 15 ton cherry picker.  Some examples are:

  • Mud Mats & Assemblies

  • Pipe Clamps

  • Tanks

  • Baskets

Aluminum & Stainless Fabrication Division


We fabricate Stainless Steel and Aluminum parts for the Oil & Gas Industry in a very clean environment.   For information call Phil Peltier at (337) 367-9943.


Some examples are:

  • Skids

  • Tanks

  • Frames

  • Tool Boxes

Job Shop Sub Sea Machining -Fabrication Wireline Waterjet Cutting