3903 Second Street, Acadiana Regional Airport

New Iberia, Louisiana 70560

(800)326-6130 • (337)367-9943

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Wireline Division

Wireline (Slickline) Division, where we manufacture our own complete line of Wireline Tools that are kept in a climate controlled facility.  We have a large inventory of manufactured tools and components in our warehouse ready to be shipped.


We have 100% traceability available on every component, which gives material certification for hardness, heat treatment, chemical analysis, and physical properties of material used to produce a component.  

  • X Locks

  • Pulling Tools

  • Running Tools

  • Knuckle Joints

  • Lubricators

  • Wire Tester Tool

Some examples of tools are:

Our  Four Divisions:

Job Shop Sub Sea Machining -Fabrication Wireline Waterjet Cutting